Environmental Voices: Urban Wilderness with Eddee Daniel

Saturday, February 6 | 2:15pm – 3:15pm

Eddee Daniel is a fine art photographer and writer specializing in urban ecologies and cultural landscapes. His work examines how we perceive and construct understanding of nature in the contexts of culture and the built environment. Join Eddee as he speaks about exploring wilderness in an urban setting and his photographic practice and process.

Eddee’s book, Urban Wilderness: Exploring a Metropolitan Watershed (winner of the Conservation Fund’s Kodak American Greenways Award), focuses on the history and redevelopment of the Menomonee River as an urban wilderness. His subject is both a particular place and the universal experience of walking the landscape with an explorer’s eyes.

Eddee opens a door to understanding how regional and global forces shaped a shared urban landscape and how the “greening” of Milwaukee’s industrialized river benefits wildlife and nature, enhancing urban living. His work has been exhibited both locally and nationally and has received both artistic and conservation awards.

This event is handicap accessible. Pre-registration is required. To register call 414-352-2880.

M: $7
NM: $12