Upcoming Events

After School Adventure Club: Winter

Five week series runs Wednesday, February 20 to Wednesday, March 20. Fee is for all… Register >

Audubon Babies

Children are never too young to enjoy the wonders of nature.  Take a guided hike… Register >

Nature Knowledge Trivia Night

Join us for a light-hearted evening of intriguing nature–based trivia.  You’ll meet some of our… Register >

A Walk in the Woods

Ice Formations in the Extreme Cold

Lake Michigan transformed even more dramatically due to the extreme cold that Milwaukee experienced the… Read Story >


Meet Amelia the Flying Squirrel

Flying squirrels are native to this area, but because they are so elusive, people don’t… Read Story >

Birds of Wisconsin

Sounds of the Chickadee

Bird song is how most people first notice birds. If you’ve spent any time outdoors,… Read Story >