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Forest Beach Migratory Preserve Birding Trip

Located on the shore of Lake Michigan, Forest Beach Migratory Preserve offers birders a fantastic… Register >


This summer we are bringing back an all-outside one-hour program. We’ll meet on our Veranda… Register >

Following the Frog Chorus

Birds aren’t the only animals who are noisy in the summer! Join us on an… Register >

Birds of Wisconsin

Great Wisconsin Birdathon 2021 Recap

The Schlitz Audubon Screech Owls set a new personal record for this year’s Great Wisconsin… Read Story >

Wisconsin Nature

Survival Strategies of Lichen

Lichens are a complex life form made from a symbiotic partnership of two separate organisms,… Read Story >

Birds of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Nature

How to Help Injured Birds

In spring, you can witness the wonder of bird migration in Wisconsin. With the presence… Read Story >