Schlitz Audubon Nature Center


Fall at Schlitz Audubon

Fall is that incredible season when the trails are bursting with color. The forest boasts vibrant golds, reds, maroons, and purples, while the path beneath you gradually turns orange with fallen leaves. Hike to the top of our 60-foot observation tower to witness the bouquet of colors along Lake Michigan.

In October, prairie flowers such as asters, and Showy Goldenrod continue to blossom. Watch for squirrels and chipmunks preparing for the coming winter, and warblers and hawks migrating toward the warmer south. As leaves fall from trees, turkeys and White-tailed Deer become easier to spot through the branches.

Fall Panorama

In Fall 2017 Panorama we decided to focus on a topic entwined with the Center’s mission: Conservation. Read about how our Conservation Plan is evolving, how young children can begin to learn conservation, how you can help conserve Raptor populations, and more! 

Panorama also includes a listing of programs taking place during October, November, and December. Paper copies were mailed to members on September 12. To view a digital version, click here. To receive a printed copy, click here to learn about the benefits of membership. 

The Naturalist’s Notebook | Mid-November

Mid-November | In this Naturalist’s Notebook, read about golden Tamaracks, migrating geese, secretive mammals and more. Hear the spooky sounds of Baptisia – so you’ll know what that rattle is throughout winter! 




Rusty Patched Bumble Bee Found at Center

Schlitz Audubon recently confirmed multiple Rusty Patched Bumble Bees (Bombus affinis) on our property. This bee is the only Federally Endangered Species (effective March 21, 2017) within Milwaukee County and is listed as a Species of Special Concern in Wisconsin. Center staff has been in contact with the US fish and Wildlife Service, and we are developing a plan to improve habitat for this endangered species. Read more.


The Season of Giving