Nature Poetry

Visions of May

Witness the bright green beginning,

as sprouting leaves dance softly on the breeze,

and a slow-peeking sun begins its renewed radiance,

falling softly on our skin,

fueling the rebirth of a season.

Appearances from awakening beings

shoot over the land like a wave,

as fleeting rushes of color from warblers,

from Cardinals and Red-wings,

dash through the landscapes in flashes-

a spectrum of hues hovers

chasing bright-sounding birdsong

from myriad avian appearances.

We look forward to wind-dancing flowers,

both ephemeral and lasting,

reaching upward to greet the light.

We await newly flying iridescence

darting through abundant spaces,

the dragonflies,

and fledgling insects enlivened.

We experience spring as a return to wholeness,

pieces of our outer and inner landscapes

returning to oneness,

a new beginning and a welcome renewal

that arrive, simultaneous.