Nature Poetry

Prairie: A Tempest of Vision

The shoulder-high greens of thousand-fold grasses

send light across the prairie,

alongside the purples of joe pye weed and pickerel,

the yellows of black-eyed susans and goldenrod

swaying to the rhythms of an ambling wind,

the breeze delicately washing over their tips.


This has been the kind summer we waited for-

lush with life,

rendering a stroll with fortitude and flourishes,

dizzying in its splendor.


This is the kind of summer we needed-

sharing a visual bounty, an imagistic paradise of

leaf and petal, sepal and stem.

The swaying of lofty beats, trees ever blowing

like saxophones and bellows.


This reprieve from the daily,

creating a sheath of beauty to escape to,

this sanctuary for summer sight I have waited for,

living in the here

and now.