Nature Poetry

Ode to a Shifting Landscape

We wait while the land prepares for the season,

waiting for ice-canos and viewing crystalline cracks in ponds.

The trees are ready for the white tufts of winter

to settle on their branches

as we anticipate the shifting landscape to arrive.

The changes can come slow and steady,

or all of a sudden, when the world is transformed

by instantaneous storms.

We wait until the land is shaken up

by the next phase in the cycle,

to be covered in a new experience—

dazzling cold sheets, glass-like layers,

or soft points of fluffy star-shaped lattices.

The wondrous time we call winter asks for exploration,

for us to see the shining, stand-still, frozen parts of the earth

in their glorious slow-motion multitudes of silence,

save for the rustling sound

of hiking through the deepened, soft ground,

and the breath of wind dashing through leafless trees,

and the songs of over-wintering birds,

creating harmonies for soft-stepping forest-travelers.