A Walk in the Woods

An In-between Season

We are in an in-between season right now. It’s not quite winter, but it also doesn’t quite feel like fall anymore. Leaves have all fallen to the ground, but not decomposed back into the earth. Ice is thinly forming on ponds, but snow has yet to accumulate. Flowers are finished blooming, but some seeds are still clinging, ready to be dispersed in the wind. There is a bronze glow to everything that soon will be covered in icy blues and white. So take these last few weeks of this in-between to enjoy frost-laden prairie grass in the morning and a relatively warm sun in the afternoon, before we find the beauty of the next season.

Find a time to come visit the Center and experience the hue of rich, warm colors that are still lingering.

Goldenrod with seeds still ready to disperse.
Wild bergamot stems
A thin layer of frost on fallen leaves
Icicles forming on driftwood at the beach
Lake Michigan with a golden hue
The view from our newly established Dragonfly Pond boardwalk