A Walk in the Woods

September at the Center

September is a month of rapid change in nature. Birds are in the peak of their fall migration, asters and gentians are in the height of their bloom, leaves begin to change, and fungi starts to appear on the forest floor. The photos in this post were taken over the course of four weeks at Schlitz Audubon, giving a glimpse of all the changes in action. Come see the evolving landscape for yourself this fall!

A native bumble bee collecting pollen in early September
Black-and-white Warbler migrating in early September
Ironweed and goldenrod
Eastern cottontail rabbit on left, eastern chipmunk on right
Bottle gentian in early September
Dogwood berries
A frog at Molly's Pond
New England aster
Painted turtle basking at Dragonfly Pond
Goldenrod on left, American Redstart on right
A deer family in the Woodland Loop
Orange jelly fungus
Ditch stonecrop
Ghost pipe flower on left, Wood blewit on right
Fringed gentian
Bottle gentian in various states in late September
Gray dogwood