A Walk in the Woods

Late Summer and the Transition into Autumn

Summer is not over yet, but small changes are pushing us towards autumn. Monarchs are nearing their peak migration dates for Milwaukee, and fall migration for birds returning to their overwintering grounds is underway. Late summer flowers are blooming, and a few trees are already beginning to turn. Visit the Center in these next weeks of September to soak up the rest that summer has to offer.

Indigo Bunting contrasted with Black-eyed Susans near Teal Pond.



Monarch fueling up on Joe Pye Weed before migration begins.


Multiple monarchs in the prairie.


False Indigo pods.


American Redstart.


Great Blue Heron resting.


Male American Goldfinch.


Ovenbird migrating through.


American Bullfrogs near Boardwalk Pond.


Juvenile Wild Turkeys crossing the trail near Teal.


Painted Lady from mid-August.


The next couple images are exciting because they show a new flower and a new species for the Center.

Queen of the Prairie.


Titan Sphinx, a new species for the Center. This was the first observation for Schlitz Audubon, and is an irregular visitor to Wisconsin.