Boomers & Beyond

First Thursdays, January 3 and February 7, 9:00-11:00am
In January we will learn about snow and ice mysteries. We will conduct some scientific experiments to learn about the nature of water, and then head outside, weather permitting, to look at natural expressions of water’s essence in the field. In February’s indoor class geologist Jim Rosenbaum will teach us about the Plate Tectonic revolution in the earth sciences which occurred in the late 1960s and advocated continental drift, or the movement of the continents. It provided a unifying framework to unite and explain many geologic phenomena, such as mid-ocean ridges, deep sea trenches, volcanism, earthquakes, metamorphism, matching patterns of continents, and species distribution.

FEE: Members: $15, Non-Members: $17. LEVEL: Adult

Pre-registration required. Call 414.352.2880 ext. 0 to register.
Handicapped Accessible Program

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