A Walk in the Woods

A Sigh in the Sun

The past months have been…decidedly disrupted. But despite the way our day-to-day activities have been impacted, nature provides a perfect place to refresh and breathe a deep sigh of relief. Our long days of sunshine are here and summer is blooming in Wisconsin. Song Sparrows are nesting, native prairie flowers are opening, and butterflies and dragonflies are flitting across ponds & prairie. The Center is a great place to experience all of this, while safely being outdoors. We have daily hiking times available, we just ask for all to register ahead of time!

Visit the Center this summer, release a deep sigh in the sun, and be warmed by the ensuing beauty.

Lush view near Teal Pond.


Pale purple coneflower.




Great Blue Heron on the boardwalk at Mystery Lake.


A small painted turtle at Mystery Lake.


Chartreuse views at Boardwalk Pond.


Green frog camouflage at Boardwalk Pond.







Butterfly weed about to bloom.


Ferns in the forest.


Widow skimmer dragonfly.


Red-spotted purple butterfly.


A hazy horizon on Lake Michigan.