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Raptors in Focus in the Schlitz Audubon Gallery

This show in the Schlitz Audubon Gallery features striking images of each of our 15 resident birds. These photographs were taken by 20 artists. Photographs were taken at our spring Raptors in Focus event, in which 71 photographers participated.

A Challenge to Photograph Raptors

In the wild, raptors can be difficult to photograph. Many of these birds prefer to live in remote areas, and for the species that dwell in an urban environment, their camouflage can make them difficult to spot. Additionally, approaching wild birds at a distance that is close enough to photograph can scare off a bird, or even make them leave the nest. Raptors in Focus offers a marvelous opportunity for photographers to safely capture images of birds of prey in a natural setting, throughout the Center’s six miles of trails.

Each photograph displayed in our gallery is for sale. These photographs also appear in our 2020 Raptor Calendar. Proceeds from the sale of the calendars and photographs displayed in the gallery benefit the Center’s Raptor Program. Calendars will be for sale in the Center’s shop.

About the Schlitz Audubon Gallery

The Schlitz Audubon Gallery is located on the Second Floor Mezzanine and is wheelchair accessible. This show was on display in the fall of 2019 during the Center’s regular hours.