A Walk in the Woods

Ice Canos Have Returned

Ice canos and other ice formations have returned to the shoreline at Schlitz Audubon. Below freezing, windy temperatures created the perfect conditions for ice canos to thrive on our winter beach. Freezing water irrupts through these volcano-like structures, freezing and building as each wave crashes. To see an ice cano form in person is a phenomenal experience, in sight and sound! We also have an extensive ice shelf that has formed on the beach reaching out on top of Lake Michigan. Ice pancakes float on the water, and ice caves have also appeared.

Visit this weekend and explore this vast ice landscape for yourself. With the forecast of high winds and extremely cold temperatures, we are sure to see even more ice formations expand. Just make sure to bundle up, and use caution when exploring the ice shelf!

ice canos at schlitz audubon

Ice caves that have formed after ice canos became dormant.

An ice island.


Another winter visitor, the Eastern Screech Owl, Megascops asio.