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Schlitz Audubon Raises More Than $500,000 for Stormwater Management

For more than three years, our Director of Conservation, Marc White, has been leading our team in the development of the Stormwater Wetland & Ravine Restoration Project to both directly address the threats of stormwater on vulnerable Center habitats and protect Lake Michigan. Today, with the addition of two recent grants from the Brico Fund and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, we are excited to announce that we’ve exceeded $500,000 in funds raised and pledged for the project. Slated to begin in 2019, these efforts will dramatically reduce the impact extreme storms have on our land, on the lake, and on the surrounding community, as well as provide new opportunities to educate the public on the importance of water conservation.

Community Partners Rally to Support Vulnerable Habitat

Vital partners throughout the Greater Milwaukee community have rallied to support conservation by funding the Stormwater Wetland & Ravine Restoration project. To date, Schlitz Audubon has received grants and pledges of support for the project from Brico Fund ($50,000), National Fish and Wildlife Foundation ($116,000), Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District Green Infrastructure Partnership Program ($189,000), Fund for Lake Michigan ($100,000), Freshwater Future ($10,000), Brookby Foundation ($20,000), Pentair Foundation ($10,000), an anonymous corporate donor ($1,000), and an anonymous private donor ($10,000).

Project Creates New Experiences

The Stormwater Wetland & Ravine Restoration Project is anticipated to add more than 400,000 gallons of annual stormwater storage capacity through the enhancement and creation of new wetlands, and habitat restoration activities spanning more than 20 acres. These actions will not only prevent artificially high sediment loading into open waters, but also enhance habitat quality for native Wisconsin plants and animals. Other activities will include restoration of 2.5 acres of steep ravine slope, post-construction restoration plantings of more than 25,000 trees, shrubs, and plants, and creation of nearly a half-mile of wheelchair-friendly trails.

Miller Engineers & Scientists have been contracted to provide final design plans for the Stormwater Wetland & Ravine Restoration Project and prepare and administer a construction bid package, with the bid scheduled to open in approximately mid-December. Construction will take place in early 2019, with habitat restoration and trail work continuing throughout the rest of the year as weather permits.

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