Seeking Front Desk Volunteers

Volunteers are a vital part of the Center and you can help out! Schlitz Audubon is seeking Front Desk Volunteers. Front Desk Volunteers undertake such responsibilities as:

  • Answering questions about hiking Center trails, attractions, upcoming programs, recent animal sightings, et cetera.
  • Operating the cash register.
  • Assisting patrons in the Center’s shop.
  • Answering phones and registering people for programs.

Go here to learn more about volunteering at the Center.


Reasons Front Desk Volunteers Love Volunteering at the Center

“I learn something new every time I volunteer at the Center. Everyone here is so helpful and supportive. I feel comfortable asking for help because the staff takes the time to answer any of my questions – whether I’m asking about operating the cash register or a plant I found in my yard.”

“I worked for decades as a librarian and I’m retired now. Being able to interact with families and answer questions is a real treat, and is what I loved best about my career in education. I volunteer once a week so it’s something I look forward to, but not so often that it ever feels like a job. I like to travel and it’s easy to trade shifts with other volunteers if I’m going to be out of town.”

“Every time I volunteer there is something different to see and tell guests about. After my shift, I love to take a walk around on the trails and notice the seasonal changes. Whether it’s a blossoming prairie flower, or ice formations on the Lake Michigan shore, or little penny toads leaping across the trail, every day there is something new to discover. It keeps me curious about the world around me.”

“I love nature, but I’m not as mobile as I used to be. By being at the Center and volunteering at the front desk I’m able to pass on my knowledge and love for of the outdoors in a safe and comfortable environment. And the kids are the best part – they’re so excited to share something new they learned or discovered.”

“I believe in the mission at Schlitz Audubon and every day I volunteer I see staff carrying out that mission. For me, with volunteering, it’s really important that my time is spent doing something that I believe in. I could volunteer anywhere. Whenever I’m at Schlitz Audubon, I feel like my time has been well spent.”

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