Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Center and property wheelchair accessible?
Yes. The Center is wheelchair accessible, with elevator access to every floor of the building. The parking area and certain trails are wheelchair accessible with either asphalt or crushed limestone. A boardwalk along Mystery Lake offers a great accessible experience. We do not recommend wheelchairs on other trails. Consult our map or the front desk for details.

Do you allow swimming off your shoreline?
No. Our shoreline beach is not tested for water quality. In addition, we have no lifeguard and swimming could be dangerous.

Are dogs allowed?
No. We are a nature preserve with wildlife and natural plantings, and therefore do not allow pets. Please do not leave them in cars. Registered service dogs, however, are welcome to accompany their owners.

Do you allow biking on the trails?
No. We encourage cyclists to ride to Schlitz Audubon and use our bike racks. To protect our land and its natural inhabitants, as well as other visitors, bicycling is not allowed on trails.

Can we eat on the grounds?
Yes. While we do not have picnic facilities, you are welcome to bring a meal or snacks. Please pack it in and pack it out. Our Veranda or Hearth Room is a great place to enjoy a meal.

Is Schlitz Audubon Nature Center a county park?
No. Schlitz Audubon Nature Center is a locally-supported partner of the National Audubon Society. Admission and membership support our mission and help us to maintain our trails.

Am I allowed to pond at the Center?
Join us for one of our ponding programs, where you will be able to see the creatures that live in our ponds. Due to invasive species, we do not allow ponding outside of our programming. Please do not bring your own nets to the Center.

Can I take nature home with me?
No. Collecting, hunting, or fishing is prohibited at the Center. Please enjoy nature, but do not take it home. The only exception to this policy is beach glass found on the Lake Michigan shoreline. You’re welcome to help us clean up beach glass, or any other trash that washes ashore! 

Does the building have wireless internet access?

Do you have a mobile phone policy?
Yes, please be considerate of wildlife and other visitors when using mobile phones. No speakers. Nature offers a magnificent soundtrack for everyone to enjoy.

What is your policy for photography?
Nature, portrait, and wedding photographers are welcome at Schlitz Audubon during our regular hours of operation. All photographers must stay on the trails and follow other trail guidelines. Admission or membership is required for all photographers and their clients. Please do not interfere with the enjoyment of other visitors and students. Please see drone policy below. If you plan on utilizing lighting, props, and/or indoor space, call ahead for permission 414-352-2880 x147.

Do you allow drones?
We have a no drone policy at the Center, as they can disturb wildlife and other visitors.

Do you allow snowshoeing and cross-country skiing on the trails?
Yes. Snowshoeing and cross country skis are welcome on the trails. Cross-country skiers are welcome at Schlitz Audubon, however our multi-use trail system is not groomed for skiing. We have snowshoes that fit ages 10+ available to members for complimentary use on our trails. Non-members can rent them for $10. We do not have skis. 

Do you give tours?
Yes, learn about Group Tours

I have a question about a plant, animal or something else I have seen out in nature. Can you tell me what it is?
Yes, Ask a Naturalist!