Upcoming Events

Nature Ambassador Activities

Join our Nature Ambassadors Sunday afternoons to learn more about what the Center has to… Details >

Word with a Bird

Join us in the Great Hall of our Visitor Center to meet one or two… Details >

Family Geocaching Scavenger Hunt

In this fun family activity, you’ll hike the trails using a GPS unit to search… Register >

Center News

Volunteer Spotlight: Kathy Brehmer

Milwaukee native Kathy Brehmer has been volunteering with Schlitz Audubon for seven years. Her main… Read Story >

Seasonal Sightings

Experience Fall on the Trails

Every season has its own unique highlights. Many people like to experience fall on the… Read Story >

Birds of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Nature

Season of the Snowbird, the Dark-eyed Junco

While the American Robin signals the arrival of spring in Wisconsin, there is another bird… Read Story >