Center News

The Center’s New Wayfinding Signage

A wayfinding signage system has been designed and installed by Schlitz Audubon staff, and will give new and seasoned visitors a clearer experience on our trails, while maintaining a natural aesthetic! We worked closely with Michael’s Signs, based in Racine, to bring this project to life.

From the beginning stages of this project, we asked our community about their current thoughts on our trails and sought to design a system that would improve the experience for everyone who visits. What we heard over and over was that it was easy to get lost on our trails, and especially for newer visitors, there were no clear markings of where to head after stepping out of the parking lot.

The Center’s new wayfinding signage system includes four different types of signs based on the feedback we received. There are now trailhead signs at significant starting points on the land to help visitors plan their hike and give detailed trail information including accessibility, length, habitat, and key destinations along the route. It will be much easier to find the Tower or Mystery Lake!

At most intersections and ponds there are now informational posts reminding visitors of what trail they are currently on, and what destinations are next depending on which arrows are followed.

We have also strategically placed trail maps across our 185 acres as another way for visitors to pinpoint where they are with a “You Are Here” mark­er. And finally, at places like the Old Farm Machines, there are educational signs to give more information about these interesting areas on our land.

This project was generously funded by Margarete and David Harvey, and we are grateful for their investment on our land. We hope these new signs improve the experience for everyone who visits!