Staff Directory

We invite you to contact us by phone or e-mail. The following directory is organized by department. Not sure who to contact? Please call our main number, 414-352-2880, and we will be happy to assist you.


Nathan Smallwood
Executive Director
414-352-2880 x226
Jill Schanon Macek
Executive Manager
414-352-2880 x147


Elise Hansen
Preschool Director
414-352-2880 x153
Laurie Lukaszewicz
Preschool Coordinator
414-352-2880 x154

Jenny Booth
Preschool Teacher
414-352-2880 x238
Patti Darby
Preschool Teacher
414-352-2880 x207

Jess Herro
Seasonal Preschool Teacher
414-352-2880 x204
Collette Jarvela-Kuhnen
Preschool Teacher
414-352-2880 x236

Catherine Koons-Hubbard
Preschool Teacher
414-352-2880 x203
Elizabeth Hurtado
Preschool Teacher
414-352-2880 x218

Jenny Leibham
Preschool Teacher
414-352-2880 x215
Megan O’Grady
Preschool Teacher
414-352-2880 x241

Lisa Randerson
Preschool Teacher
414-352-2880 x239
Megan Van DeKreeke
Preschool Teacher
414-352-2880 x209

Julia Weinberg
Preschool Teacher
414-352-2880 x243

Elementary & Secondary Education  

Tom Finley
Director of Education
414-352-2880 x157
Jim Hyatt
Family Programs Manager
414-352-2880 x138

Jessy Knox
School Programs Manager
414-352-2880 x139
Dinese Davero-Farrington
414-352-2880 x208

Jackie Keltner
414-352-2880 x213
Joyce Michelstetter
414-352-2880 x214

Jean Pagel
414-352-2880 x216
Corinne Palmer
414-352-2880 x246

Cassie Rincon
414-352-2880 x248
Jean Strelka
414-352-2880 x219

Danielle Fleischman
414-352-2880 x224

Raptor Program 

Diane Visty
Raptor Manager
414-352-2880 x158
Lindsay Focht
Raptor Educator & Trainer
414-352-2880 x228

Brooke Gilley
Raptor Educator
414-352-2880 x205

Adult Programs  

Don Quintenz
Director of Conservation and Adult Education
414-352-2880 x156
Jackie Keltner
414-352-2880 x213

Jean Pagel
414-352-2880 x216

Summer Camp  

Shelly Rollins
Education Specialist & Summer Camp Director
414-352-2880 x137

Birthday Parties & Scouting Events

Rachel Hahn
Children’s Events and Scouting Coordinator
414-352-2880 x220

Facilities Rentals

Jessica Buehler
Rental Manager
414-352-2880 x141

Development & Membership 

Katie Sparks
Director of Development
414-352-2880 x152
Rosie Marotz
Fund Development Coordinator
414-352-2880 x237

Diana David
Membership Specialist
414-352-2880 x151

Volunteer Programs

Marissa Lundin
Volunteer Coordinator
414-352-2880 x144


Nancy Quinn
Marketing Manager
414-352-2880 x170
Zoe Finney
Graphic Designer
414-352-2880 x149

Ed Makowski
Communications Specialist
414-352-2880 x146

Land Management 

Marc White
Land Manager
414-352-2880 x244
Chris Doyle
Assistant Land Manager

Nature Store

Rita Hulstedt
Gift Shop Manager
414-352-2880 x169


Lisa Trost
Director of Finance & Administration
414-352-2880 x148
Nora Fardella
Accounting Assistant
414-352-2880 x145

Facilities Management 

Jason Festerling
Facilities Manager
414-352-2880 x155
Jonathan Boettcher
Maintenance Coordinator
414-352-2880 x212

Caleb Bilda
Facilities Assistant

Office Services & Reception

Sandy Manning
Manager of Operations
414-352-2880 x200
Mary Fitzgerald
Support Staff
414-352-2880 x201

Julie O’Neill
Support Staff
414-352-2880 x232
Jill Wesloski
Support Staff
414-352-2880 x240