Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

Fall at Schlitz Audubon

Fall at the Center is all about change. The season provides a spectacular opportunity to climb our tower and view the multicolored tapestry of leaves from above the canopy. Bird migration is ongoing, and when temperatures drop, some raptors begin migrating south. Ponds are active with ducks dining on duckweed and turtles preparing for their long winter resting at the bottom of the pond. Prairie plants senesce and put energy into their roots while trees begin to drop their leaves. Schlitz Audubon is the perfect place to experience autumn.

Introducing Nicco!

We’re happy to welcome Nicco to our Raptor Program. He is a male Broad-winged Hawk hatched in the spring of 2014. He was found injured on the side of the road and brought to a local rehabilitator, who suspected a spinal injury. After healing, Nicco displayed an unnatural level of comfort around humans and deemed non-releasable. These small Buteos live throughout Wisconsin but aren’t often seen due to their woodland habitat. Learn more about Nicco and Broad-winged Hawks.

Fall Panorama

The Fall 2015 edition of Panorama is here! It features pieces on Hawk Migration, the changes of fall, and what you can experience here at the Center. Included is the calendar of events for October through December.


Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine

In celebration of the new Wisconsin Endangered Resources license plate, Schlitz Audubon Raptor Manager Diane Visty appeared on the cover of Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine. Diane is joined in the shot by one of the Center’s resident raptors, Glory, an adult male Bald Eagle. Wisconsin DNR is featuring the raptor to celebrate their resurgence throughout the state. To read the full article, visit their page.


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