Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

Fall at Schlitz Audubon

Fall at the Center is all about change. The season provides a spectacular opportunity to climb our tower and view the multicolored tapestry of leaves from above the canopy. Bird migration is ongoing, and when temperatures drop, some raptors begin migrating south. Ponds are active with ducks dining on duckweed and turtles preparing for their long winter resting at the bottom of the pond. Prairie plants senesce and put energy into their roots while trees begin to drop their leaves. Schlitz Audubon is the perfect place to experience autumn.

Introducing Baron von Screech

Welcome Baron von Screech, our new gray-phase Eastern Screech Owl (Megascops asio). He was involved in a car accident in North Carolina and lost an eye. The Baron is rehabilitating and adjusting to his new role in our Raptor Program.


Fall Panorama

The Fall 2015 edition of Panorama is here! It features pieces on Hawk Migration, the changes of fall, and what you can experience here at the Center. Included is the calendar of events for October through December.


Recent Trail Updates

trail squareA portion of our trail near Mystery Lake is being renovated to become ADA accessible, thanks to the generosity of funders such as the Elizabeth Elser Doolittle Charitable Trusts and Margarete and David Harvey. The trail presently under construction is near completion, and in the future will be joined by a boardwalk. This renovation is both ADA accessible and environmentally friendly. The path is made out of a durable, locally quarried rock which allows for better water absorption than asphalt and without the potential for chemicals to seep into the surrounding soil. We’re excited to share a greater portion of our land with more visitors, and to expand everyone’s access to the outdoors.



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