Seeking Volunteers to Work on the Land

Land Volunteers are an important part of conservation at the Center and you can help out! Schlitz Audubon is seeking Land Volunteers to help fulfill our mission of conservation.

Land Volunteers participate in such activities as:

  • Working outdoors all year round.
  • Removing invasive species such as Buckthorn and Garlic Mustard.
  • Planting native plants in remediated areas.
  • Getting to see areas of the Center that few people ever visit.
  • Operating small hand tools such as a loppers, handsaw, shears. 
  • Learning about invasive species and planting habitat for native species.

Go here to learn more about volunteering at the Center.


Read about why Land Volunteers love volunteering


“For me it’s about community and always learning something new. I learn new things every day I volunteer, and I get to be around a group of people who care about nature. We’re working to make the plant community better for the animal community, and at the same time I get to be a part of a wonderful human community.”

“I love that volunteering at the Center gets me outside. A lot of people I know stop being so active after they retire, and they say that is bad for your health. This is a great activity I can do at my own pace and it gets me outside in the fresh air. Plus, I’ve made so many new friends – people I never would have met otherwise.”

“I’ve learned so much about plants since becoming a land volunteer. I’ve become a lot more confident gardening in my yard at home. I have so many more butterflies in my backyard now than before I started volunteering! It keeps me interested in learning about plants attract which kinds of insects and animals.”

“I love that there are so many knowledgeable volunteers who I work with. I’ll find a plant in my yard I’m not familiar with and come with a photo to ask my volunteer friends about it. It’s like I’ve taken a class about local botany simply by being a volunteer!”

“For me, it give me a chance to get outside and enjoy the company of others. As people in my social circle retire, we often lose contact, and forming new friendships can be hard. Through volunteering I’ve met a lot of great people in my community, and we’ve become friends through our shared interests.”

“For me it’s the soup. And community. After volunteering, the Monday Marauders get together and each week somebody else makes the soup. We work together and we eat together. I get to exchange ideas about gardening and ideas about cooking. And everything else you share over a bowl of soup with friends.”

“In wintertime, before volunteering, I would look out at the snow and stay inside. But being a land volunteer gives me that reason to get out and get going. The days I volunteer are often my most satisfying days, and I come back home able to appreciate the small comforts of home. Working to improve the land helps give my days purpose, and I feel like I’m improving the world around me.”

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