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Volunteer Spotlight: Emily Porter

Emily Porter has been volunteering at the Center for one year, cleaning and maintaining the bird feeders outside the Visitor Center and recording bird data. She is a multi-talented native of Milwaukee and works as a prenatal yoga teacher, film reviewer, and film photographer. Emily is also currently studying Environmental Science, with a goal of building a career in conservation where she can be outside helping to connect people with nature every day.   

How did you come to volunteer at the Center? 

I remember coming to Schlitz Audubon when I was little and later as an adult for my friend’s wedding. Being out in nature has always been my haven, the place that centers me. When I decided to switch careers and go back to school for Environmental Science, the Center seemed like the obvious place to begin volunteering. As a complete bird nerd, I love feeding the birds and seeing who comes out to say hi! 

Why is volunteering at the Center important to you? 

Volunteering at the Center is truly special! It’s important to me that the Center brings our community together to learn and be present in nature. In today’s society, we are sometimes engulfed in fast-paced city life and forget that nature is all around us. Volunteering at the Center brings me back to nature to appreciate of the native fauna and flora that surrounds us in Wisconsin. Not only can people experience a magical walk in the woods here, but also hike along our beautiful lake. I always look forward to volunteering at the Center as everyone is so kind, inviting, and loves what they do. 

What have you learned while volunteering at Schlitz Audubon? 

I feel like I learn so much every time I volunteer, or even just walk through the Center. After speaking with a few of the naturalists, I got so excited that this summer I will be participating in the Master Naturalist Program at the Center. I look forward to learning so much more at Schlitz Audubon! 

What do you find rewarding about volunteering? 

There are so many things that are rewarding about volunteering. Firstly, I love volunteering for an organization that radiates so much goodness into the community. The Center brings education to those who may not have it as well as to those wanting to learn more about the land and creatures that surround us. The Center’s environmental education, conservation, and continued programming reaches many demographics. I love that I can say I volunteer at the Center, and that it makes such a huge impact! 

If you knew someone was thinking of volunteering at the Center, what would you tell them? 

It is 100% worth your time and energy! Volunteering at the Center is such a joy in my week, I honestly cannot imagine not volunteering at this point. Everything I have experienced at Schlitz Audubon has been positive, interesting, and makes me want to be there even more. 

Thank you, Emily, for your year of volunteering at Schlitz Audubon! We appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm, as well as that of all of our volunteers. 

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