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Autumn Colors at Schlitz Audubon

When we think of autumn colors, reds, oranges, and yellows are usually the first to come to mind. And they are brilliant! There are, however, so many other colors to enjoy during the season if you look closely. Asters, in their shades of blue and purple, bloom into October. Dogwood is a deep purple-maroon. Even the seed pods from summer blooms are interesting to observe in their shape and dark colors. Fall migration may be at the tail-end, but some species are still moving through, like late fall warblers and kinglets. Other species like Dark-eyed Juncos and American Tree Sparrows are arriving for their stay during winter. With the brisk air and vibrant autumn colors to see, now is a great time to take an autumn hike. Join us for a guided hike every weekend at 11:00am and 2:00pm. See you on the trails!


Red Maple


Oak Leaf


Oak Leaf


Maple leaf autumn colors

Maple Leaf


Wild Turkey 


Amber view of Big Blue Stem grass in our prairie.




The new boardwalk segment at Mystery Pond.


Underneath a yellow canopy near the Woodland Loop.


Late flowering Sneezeweed.


Ruby-crowned Kinglet against a background of golden Tamarack.


Ruby-crowned Kinglet taking off of a Tamarack branch.


Maple Leaf






Tennessee Warbler in its fall plumage, drab and olive.


An American Goldfinch plucking seeds from an aster plant.


Blue skies at Mystery Lake.



New England Aster, a late blooming flower with purple petals.





Downy Woodpecker in black, white, and a splash of red.


Remnants of a Black-eyed Susan (left) and a Gray-headed Coneflower (right).


A fall Dark-eyed Junco.


An aster near Teal Pond.