A Walk in the Woods, Wisconsin Nature

Patches of Bright Color at the Center

The warmth of July is here! Monarchs have returned, wildflowers are blooming, and Lake Michigan has warmed enough to wade. Patches of bright color: yellow, orange, purple, and pink, are popping up all over the Center, some of the most dramatic currently being patches of Butterfly Weed and Common Milkweed, and the butterfly and insect species that are drawn to these plants. Visit this weekend and see what colors you can spot!

Butterfly Weed and Monarch Caterpillar at Schlitz Audubon

Monarch Caterpillar in a bunch of Butterfly Weed. Butterfly Weed is a species of milkweed.


patches of bright color, Butterfly Weed at Schlitz Audubon

Butterfly Weed, up close.


Monarch Caterpillar eating and readying itself for its next lifestage: chrysalis.


Common Milkweed

Common Milkweed flowers up close.


Monarch Butterfly eating Common Milkweed at Schlitz Audubon.

Monarch Butterfly eating Common Milkweed.


An area filled with Common Milkweed at the Center.

An area filled with Common Milkweed at the Center.


Pale Purple Coneflower Schltiz Audubon pale pink rock along Lake Michigan
Pale Purple Coneflower, and a Pale Pink rock found along Lake Michigan.
Great Spangled Fritillary on Common Milkweed

Great Spangled Fritillary on Common Milkweed.


Silver Spotted Skipper

Silver Spotted Skipper


false sunflower and honey bee at Schlitz Audubon
False Sunflower at Schlitz Audubon.

unfurled flower at SChlitz audubon

A flower yet to unfurl.

Lily Pads on Mystery Lake.

Lily Pads on Mystery Lake.


Female Ruby Meadowhawk at Schlitz Audubon.


Blue Dasher at Schlitz Audubon.