A Walk in the Woods, Birds of Wisconsin

Spring Migration Highlights from the Center

Spring Migration Blackburnian Warbler

Spring Migration is the most exciting time of the year for birdwatchers! From March through early June, hundreds of different species migrate through Milwaukee. Some of these birds will stay in Milwaukee for the summer, but the vast majority are on their way further north to their ideal breeding grounds. Many of the birds featured below only stopped at the Center for a couple days to re-fuel, rest, and also delighted the birdwatchers who were looking for them.

Although Spring Migration is over, you can come birding at the Center any time of the year.

Spring Migration Black-throated Green

Black-throated Green Warbler photographed from the observation tower.


Spring Migration Yellow-rumped Warbler

Yellow-rumped Warbler, is one of the most abundant warbler species that migrates through Milwaukee.


Spring Migration Nashville Warbler

Nashville Warbler in breeding plumage. This male is showing his chestnut cap which is not always visible.


Spring Migration Orange-crowned Warbler

Orange-crowned Warbler. The orange crown is not always visible.


Spring Migration Magnolia Warbler

A Magnolia Warbler gleaning insects during a peak May day.


But all told, wherever you might be standing, a day with warblers in its rigging is a beneficent, more intricate day.

Merrill Gilfillan


Spring Migration Baltimore Oriole

A Male Baltimore Oriole.


Spring Migration Solitary Sandpiper

A Solitary Sandpiper and its reflection in Peeper Pond.


Spring Migration Sora Rail

The secretive marsh bird, the Sora, was found feeding in the open at Teal Pond.


Spring Migration Swamp Sparrow

One of the more vibrant in the sparrow family, the Swamp Sparrow.


Spring Migration Gray Catbird

A silhouetted, singing, Gray Catbird.