School Programs

We are so glad you and your students are considering a visit to the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center, the premiere nature-based science education destination of southeastern Wisconsin since 1971. Schlitz Audubon is home to many diverse habitats including ponds, prairie, forests, and our very own Great Lake Michigan. We offer high quality programming, infused with adventure and creativity, which is designed to foster a deeper understanding of the natural world. Our dedicated staff of naturalists have created these unique experiential learning programs, designed to correlate to the Next Generation Science Standards and STEM requirements. Programming is offered at the Center, as well as at your school and select Wisconsin Natural Areas. We are happy to work with you to deliver a one-time program, or partner with you throughout the year to augment your curriculum.


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(K4 – 5th Grade)
Middle School Programs
(6th – 8th Grade)
High School
(9th – 12th Grades)



Our online registration is an easy way to plan your programming with Schlitz Audubon. Each teacher must complete a form for each program sought to be scheduled. If you have questions regarding our programs or the registration process, please contact the Registrar or call 414-352-2880 x224.


General Information

Field Trips at Schlitz Audubon
Our field trips are an incredible way for students to see the very best of what Schlitz Audubon Nature Center has to offer. For elementary programs, your class starts the day with an introductory discussion as a large group, and is then split into smaller groups, each assigned to a Naturalist educator (generally 8-15 students per group). We believe breaking into small groups provides more attention to detail and a direct hands-on approach to give you and your students the highest quality programming available. Teachers receive pre- and post-trip materials for each program, ensuring that your knowledge from Schlitz Audubon extends beyond our time together. Our programs take place rain or shine; we respect the efforts and resources required to bring your students to the Center, and don’t cancel due to weather.

Programs at Your School
In addition to offering programming at Schlitz Audubon, we can also join you in your own classroom, or at a Wisconsin natural area. Our Naturalists are always happy to provide a one-time program or yearlong partnership to augment your curriculum! Hour-long programs are offered for a variety of natural history topics such as plants, insects, reptiles & amphibians, plus our amazing raptor presentations. These programs are a great way to infuse meaningful science components into your existing curriculum, without the added details of scheduling bus transportation. Assembly style programs can serve up to 90 students and are highly interactive. Some programs will include live animals. Through artifacts, discussions and activities these programs are perfect to introduce or reinforce the most vital aspects of your core learning areas.

Schlitz Audubon has several options, which are aligned with STEM initiatives. In our increasingly technological society, STEM education is an innovative approach that unlocks creativity, emphasizes teamwork, and uses skills and knowledge to solve real world problems in learners of all ages. Through discovery, modeling, and contextual learning, STEM education can be an effective way to help students meet the challenges of the future, achieve career success, and become informed citizens.

Accessibility & Special Needs
We welcome students of all abilities and strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from nature. Our Naturalists will work with you to meet the needs of students or teachers. In addition, many of the trails at the Center are wheelchair accessible to ensure access for anyone with mobility challenges.

Scholarship Funds
Through the generosity of donors, Schlitz Audubon is able to offer scholarship funding to help students have the opportunity to connect with nature. Scholarships are available to students who are eligible for onsite programming (buses and off-site programming are not supported). Scholarship-supported programming is limited to one program per class per season. Please contact the Registrar six weeks prior to your first preferred date of programming for more information.

Cancellation Policy
A fee will be charged for all canceled programs.
$50 for classes canceled with more than four weeks notice.
$100 for classes canceled with less than four weeks notice.

Eight chaperones are invited to attend for free with each Schlitz Audubon on-site field trip. See brochure for complete details.


After School Programs

Nature’s Hall Pass is a series of after school programs offered by Schlitz Audubon Nature Center. Naturalists from the Center arrive at your school with supplies and equipment specific to each program. They are designed to work at any school, including those with little or no outdoor space and are not weather dependent.