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See our Preschool Parent Handbook.

2016 Curriculum Night PowerPoint Presentation

Also check the Schlitz Audubon Event Calendar for a complete listing of all public programs.

Schlitz Audubon Nature Preschool Weather Policies

How Putting on Your Own Socks Leads to Academic Success (PowerPoint presentation will open)


Fall in the Nature Preschool at Schlitz Audubon


Articles Regarding Learning in Nature

Pushing and Putdowns in the Preschool Years
Handout from our Pushing and Putdowns Parent Workshop on November 2, 2017.

Get Your Children Good and Dirty
This article, from the Wall Street Journal, discusses the health benefits of letting children play outdoors in the dirt.

Look Up and Listen
An article written by Catherine Koons Hubbard on creating moments of peace and stillness in nature for young children.

The Role of Risk in Play and Learning
An excellent article on the value of risk in outdoor play.

Diving into Mud Season
Former Nature Preschool teacher, Jenn Liebham, wrote this wonderful essay on mud season at Schlitz Audubon, reminding us how much joy can be found by stomping through early spring mud puddles.

Filtering Nature: The Facebook Effect
An essay by Preschool Director, Catherine Koons Hubbard, challenging educators to show the difficult moments at Nature Preschool as well as the idyllic.

Today’s Four-Year-Olds Often ‘Not Physically Ready’ for School, Experts Warn
New research suggests many children entering kindergarten are falling behind in their large motor skills. More outdoor play is one of the best ways to remedy this.