Gallery Opening: Warblers

Blackburnian Warbler by Jeremy Meyer

Thursday, April 6 | 7:00pm

This spring, we celebrate this ephemeral season in our gallery with photographs of warblers taken by Milwaukee area photographers. These colorful pictures have been captured by birders who spend spring patiently listening, looking, recording data – and at the perfect moment – clicking the shutter.

Alongside the pictures are select poems about warblers, designed and printed by Chuck Stebelton at Woodland Pattern Book Center. Join us for the opening of this gallery show with a performance by Chuck and Schlitz Audubon staff member (and poet) Ed Makowski on Thursday, April 6 at 7:00pm. Coffee, tea, and dessert will be served.

This event is free to all. 

Magnolia Warbler by Dennis Derby

This show features photographs by:

Jennifer Ambrose
Dennis Derby
Jim Edlhuber
Zoe Finney
Bill Grossmeyer
Jeremy Meyer
Anne Reed
Paul Sparks
Rita Flores Wiskowski