A Walk in the Woods

The Waning of Summer

We still have a few days left of summer, but the transition to autumn has begun. Butterflies and birds alike are fueling for their long journeys south, and the prairies are golden and purple with late summer blooms like sneezeweed and gentians. Squirrels are caching for the season to come, and the trees are beginning to change.

Find a time to visit the Center while the prairies are still filled with yellows and purples, and the sun’s rays are embracing the hemisphere. Take a walk along one of our many boardwalks and see how the ponds are preparing for the change in season as well!

Palm Warbler in goldenrod
Monarch butterfly on an aster
Red squirrel
Painted turtles on a log at Mystery Lake
Green Heron hunting at Mink Pond
Fringed gentian, and bottle gentian
Broad-winged Hawk
Dragonfly Pond
Prairie grass