Experience Xtreme Raptor Day

Join us on Saturday, November 2, when the Center celebrates all things raptors! Opportunities to see all 15 birds of our Raptor Program and to explore the uniqueness of these magnificent animals make this event unlike any other in our region. This all-day, family-friendly event supports our resident raptors and their work to educate the public about their wild relatives.

An Xtreme Passport will guide your experience. It includes the schedule of events and activities, as well as destinations on the grounds where you will receive a stamp when you visit. If you fill your passport with stamps, you’ll earn an Xtreme prize!

See Our Raptors Up Close

Our resident birds, including Bald Eagles, owls, hawks and falcons, will be out on our trails as a part of our Talon Quest Hike. A map in the passport guides you to the Talon Quest locations. This is the best opportunity to meet our birds individually in a natural environment, while also learning about each one’s history and its species as a whole.

Another must-see is a flight demonstration by Tallulah, our Turkey Vulture. Watch as Tallulah spreads out her six-foot wingspan and flies right over your head. These demonstrations will happen, weather permitting, at our outdoor amphitheater at 10:00am, 12:00pm, and 2:00pm. Joining Tallulah will be Loki, our American Crow, who will paint a canvas! Each one of his three paintings will be put up in our Silent Auction, giving you the opportunity to take home a one-of-a-kind piece of art from our little “crow-casso”.

Engage in Avian-Themed Activities

Make your way into our building for other opportunities to learn about raptors and their friends. You’ll see just how smart crows are at our Bird Brains station. Videos of Loki solving puzzles will be playing, while we offer you a chance to solve your own brain games. Nearby, you’ll find stations for dissecting owl pellets, crafts for kids (and adults!), and an art gallery featuring artwork by our Nature Preschool students. You can even be transformed into your favorite bird by our face painter!

With our new Feather Detective station, feathers will go under your investigative eye as you discover how complex and important they are for birds. With magnifying lenses, you’ll be able to see the tiniest structures that hold feathers in their form, as well as comparing how owl feathers differ from day time birds!

Have Your Picture Taken with a Raptor

One of our most popular activities is our Raptor Photoshoot, offering you the opportunity to have a personal meet & greet with your favorite raptor and have your picture with them. This is the only event occurring at Xtreme that requires registration and an additional fee, and spots fill up fast! View our photoshoot schedule and plan to arrive early. Find our Photoshoot registration table in the building to reserve your spot!

Xtreme Raptor Day provides an unparalleled experience designed to enthrall audiences of all ages. We hope to see you on Saturday, November 2, as we celebrate these amazing hunters of the sky, while also spreading awareness and appreciation for their role in the wild!

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