Master Naturalist Course

Schlitz Audubon is offering ongoing courses with the intent to transform local nature enthusiasts into knowledgeable, well-trained and well-versed naturalists. Participants can then take their knowledge into the greater community, and can also become part of Schlitz Audubon Nature Center’s volunteer corps, providing such critical functions as naturalist interpretation or citizen science. Citizen science work makes you a contributing part of our regional ecosystem. Another goal of the program is to deepen participants’ connection to nature and sense of place within it. Field trips to natural areas across our region are a part of the program and will facilitate that experience.

In Summer 2017 we are starting a new beginning Master Naturalist course. At present, this course is full. If you would like to be added to a participant list for a future course, or are interested in more information, contact Schlitz Audubon Senior Ecologist Don Quintenz at 414-352-2880 x156.

Course Instructor:

DonheadDon Quintenz is the Senior Ecologist at Schlitz Audubon, and has been teaching environmental education since 1967. Before joining the Schlitz Audubon teaching staff in 1981, he worked with the Milwaukee Public Schools as their environmental specialist for five years, and before that he was with the Wisconsin Humane Society for three years as their environmental educator and the Wisconsin DNR as a resource technician. The skill he cherishes the most is his ability to excite and fascinate people about the natural world because of his intimate familiarity with native flora and fauna.