One God or Many

The Spiritual World of Nature
“One God or Many” with Rabbi Jay Brickman
Thursday, February 28, 1:30 – 3:00pm

Rabbi Jay Brickman will lead a discussion on how our relationship with the world about us changes according to our belief in God, whether it be no God, One God, or a variety of gods. We will examine relevant passages in the Hebrew Bible. He is well known for his wisdom, depth of Bible knowledge, and great rapport with his audience. Please bring a Bible.

FEE: Members: Adult $10; Non-Members: Adult $12. LEVEL: Adult

Pre-registration required. Call 414.352.2880 ext. 0 to register.


Part of the Spiritual World of Nature Series
This series helps us all connect more intimately to nature by getting in touch with the powerful, spiritual side of the natural world. Each speaker approaches the relationship with nature in a unique and compelling way.

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