Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

New Identity

We are proud to present our new identity to our community! It was important to keep an owl as part of our brand. The outline of our mark was inspired by Tucker, an Eastern Screech Owl in our Raptor Program. Lake Michigan and other water features on our property are represented in our new mark as well as our intersecting trails and the full experience of nature that we offer. The colors of our new brand were thoughtfully drawn from a rich palette that interacts with our land, our beautiful building and the changing colors of Lake Michigan. We chose typography that shows a strong heritage, but also a bold, innovative future. We are Milwaukee’s comprehensive nature center, and we hope that our new brand conveys this.

New Quarterly

Panorama is our new seasonal quarterly publication for our members, replacing the Center Focus newsletter. Like the breathtaking 360 degree view from high atop our observation tower, Panorama will provide a full look at Schlitz Audubon throughout each and every season. The first issue should be arriving in member’s mailboxes soon. If you would like to see it now, check out the digital version on our website.

New Upper Level Memberships

Did you know a group of owls is called a parliament? We are asking you to join our new and improved upper level membership group, the Parliament of Owls. Taking your general membership to the next level gives added benefits to you but also helps us further our mission in great ways. Visit our Parliament of Owls page on our website to learn more.


Once a farm for the Schlitz Brewery draft horses, Schlitz Audubon Nature Center is Milwaukee’s comprehensive nature center. We offer six miles of trails that take visitors through 185 unique acres of forests, wetlands, restored prairies, ravines, bluffs and a shoreline. You will see evidence of our active and progressive management of the land, restoring habitats unique to our region and reclaiming our bountiful natural history.

Conveniently located just north of the city on Lake Michigan, we provide the full experience of nature throughout all seasons. With leading experiential, environmental education for people of all ages, Schlitz Audubon is both a destination for adventure and an oasis from the busyness of life.

Schlitz Audubon is a designated Important Bird Area because of the habitat provided by the lake for certain waterfowl. We are also a birding hot spot because of our location within a migratory flyway.

Watch our video and discover the many treasures that await you at Schlitz Audubon Nature Center.


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